The Journey to Tallow

The Journey to Tallow

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On the Feast of St. Anne 26th of July 1836 the nuns set out the long journey with Mother Joseph Finn. Travelling by Bianconi Coach, their first stop was in Carlow where they spent the night in the Royal Oak. The following day they were welcomed by the Ursuline Community in Waterford where they spent two nights.

Arriving in Tallow 29th of July,1836 they received a very warm welcome from the Parish Priest, Fr. Eugene Condon who was embarrassed to find that the fish prepared for he sisters had been eaten by students who had visited earlier that day! He later brought them to the Monastery. The following morning, after Holy Mass the Convent was blessed and the Blessed Sacrament was reserved in a little tabernacle.

After Catholic Emancipation in 1829 a school was built close to every Carmelite Monastery in the Country, Tallow was no exception. Due to the educational needs of the time, the nuns engaged in teaching the local children.They won the affection and respect of their pupils and built life long friendships which enrich our lives to this day.

Carmelite Life flourishes in Tallow

The life of prayer lived by the nuns inspired and attracted many new vocations, the first entrant being a niece of the late Rev. Denis O’Donnell the Parish Priest whose generous bequest financed the building of the Monastery.There were many blessings in this new foundation.

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