Creative Fidelity

Creative Fidelity

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“Hill encircled solitude, redolent of Nazareth Where nothing ever happened To disturb its peace- till shattered By the advent of the living Word of God.”

It was a glorious day that 9th June, 1994, a day of rejoicing as yet another Solemn Profession when the Word of God was made known to us. It was shattering news that that the strcture of our Monastery, which seemed so solid was in fact undermined and totally unsound. Our continued residence in Tallow was conditional on its demolition and total rebuilding. The call of Abraham was suddenly very real as the full implications penetrated our minds and hearts. Ours was a call to leave everything and trust in God: “I know the plans I have for you . . . a future full of hope. (Jer 29:11) Our big strength lay in the fact that after much advice, prayer and discernment we reached an unanimous decision as we commenced this journey of faith. He would lead us by paths we had not known. Friends rallied round and soon a dedicated fund raising committee working with great enthusiasm jpurneyed with us.

It was a time when the Church and religious in general were beset ith adverse publicity yet the media rallied to our aid. Our decision to appear on Nationwide in a documentary on our way of life and our predicament was, for us, revolutionary. The burning question was: What would our foundress St. Teresa do? The answer seemed to be to set forth and the first fruits of that appearance showed beyond doubt that the Lord can use the media to extend his Kingdom. The invitation to appear on the Late Late was another question but after much prayer we went forward placing our hands in the hand of the Lord. Being totally innocent of the ways of T.V. we were taken completely by surprise at the avalanche of congratulations, good wishes, request for prayer and not least, donations towards pur Fund which followed. It was a revelation of the strength and vitality of the faith and generosity of people not only in Ireland but also abroad and likewise of the support we had in our re-building.

Fears of having to disperse during the re-building were dissipated when, through the great kindness of the Presentation Sisters, we were given the use of their convent in Lismore, a mere five miles from Tallow. The contract for our new Monastery of St. Joseph was signed on 19th March, 1996. The fact that we have only a temporary dwelling here was imprinted on us when we witnessed the rapid demolition of our old Monastery. But phoenix- like it emerged from the ashes and in an incredibly short time we were preparing for our Solemn opening on March 19th 1997. Surely after all the adventures we could resonate with Jacob : This is nothing less than the house of God! This is the gate of heaven. Trult what marvels the Lord worked for us, indeed we were glad.

Since then, have been blessed with three new vocations and we trust that His love within our hearts will set fire to others with its flame and that our Carmelite presence in Munster will continue into the future.

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