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Mary, who joined our community in December 2012 took another step on her Carmelite Journey when she received the Carmelite Habit on the 8th June. Sunshine reigned inside and out!
To be clothed in the habit means that one joins the community and asks it to teach them the Carmelite way of living the Christian life. One expression of this new ‘clothing in Christ’ is to take on a new name. Mary chose the name Sr. Mary Sophia Elie. Sophia (being Greek for ‘Wisdom’) is inspired by one of the titles of Our Lady: Seat of Wisdom. Elie is for the prophet Elijah, a towering figure in Carmelite spirituality and considered to be the Order’s spiritual father. We wish Sr Mary Sophia Elie every happiness and joy.

Making a decision to apply to a community and to discern one’s next steps in life is a weighty matter. Below are some reflections offered to the searchers 🙂



Looking for a life that is meaningful?

So many choices.

Yet one life to be lived.

Along life’s journey we realise… that the unreflective life is not worth living.

What are the deepest hungers of my heart?

Could God be beckoning me to a life in Carmel?

Your quest will result in an enrichment since your readiness and openness in discerning his designs for you will be a strong foundation in your pilgrimage of life.

We welcome you to visit, to ‘Come and See’.

We would be privileged to journey with you as you consider God’s invitation and call to religious life in Carmel. Please email us at or phone us on 058 56205