Call to friendship

Call to friendship

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Jesus directs His call to each of us to come close to Him; to grow in a DEEP PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM; It is a call to a life of prayer, of intimacy. As we keep company with Jesus we grow in his friendship and love; We long to be with our friend and to be for Him. We know the truth of St. Teresa’s insight: “This Lord of ours is the One through whom all blessings come to us. . . Blessed are those who truly love Him and always keep Him at their side.”

This invitation is one to walk with Christ. “Both together, Lord let us walk, wherever you go, I must go; wherever you pass, I must pass”. St. Teresa. Way of Perfection 26:6

The call to Carmel is a call to live in Community;

A call to be friends of one another “in this little College of Christ” where we are united by Him in his love.

Here, Jesus is the centre of our family and the Divine friend whom we each seek. This life of friendship is nourished by our life of prayer and our relationships with one another. We share the joys, the hopes and sorrows of one another and support one another on our journey. We seek to live in the spirit of St. Teresa who counsels: “Here, all must be friend, all must love one another, all must be cherished and all must help one another. Love is the meaning of this call to Carmel.

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