Call to love

Call to love

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The Call to Carmel opens wide vistas where the world is our mission.

This call includes holding all humanity in prayer.
Our vocation is love.
Our horizons are not limited by our cloistered way of life; rather the heart is expanded in love to embrace all people. Here we are challenged by our sister, St. Therese: “In the heart of my mother, the Church, I will be love” We carry in our heart and in our prayer the hopes, the joys, the sorrow and anguish experienced by the people of our time. Prayer unites us with our brothers and sisters today at the deepest level of their aspirations, anxiety, pain and joy. This call places us at the service of the Church in prayer: “the Lord has brought you together here for that very purpose . . This is your vocation.”

St. Teresa. Way of Perfection 1:5

This call invites a response in love. There is no compulsion, no constraint. He draws us gently, to a free and open acceptance. In our response, we pray: “Here, I am Lord, I have Come to do your Will.”

This call is radical………
We discover that to love is to love beyond measure. Yet the treasure of His love is open to us. And we cannot do less than to repay love with love. Love enables us to “fan into flame, the gift we have received.”

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