Our Work

Our Work

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“You must give yourselves to work of some kind . . .” Rule n. 17

Work is an important value in every human life and an integral aspect of our life as Carmelite Nuns. The Primary work of Carmel is prayer which according to St. Teresa “must be the business matters you are engaged in.” (Way of Perfection Ch. 1) The primacy of prayer is reflected in our daily timetable, a life of prayer which is punctuated by work periods. In prayer, we share in the prayer of Christ and the highest expression of this is our participation in the liturgy. In the words of Pope Benedict XV1: “Such prayer for its own sake, intended as pure service is rightly called officium. It is “service” par excellence, the sacred of love”. Address to Monks of Heiligenkreuz 9/9/2007

As in the Monastic tradition, the Carmelite Rule recognises the necessity of work, not only in order to support ourselves but also to maintain a healthy balance in daily life. In Carmel our work expresses three important values: our poverty; loving service of one another and a sharing in the redemptive work of Christ.

We are mindful of St. Teresa’a advice:
“The Lord does not look at the greatness of our works, but to the love which accompanies them.” The gifts and talents of each Sister are esteemed and promoted. These gifts are offered in service to the Community.